Welcome to the Escape!

The Road Home  Moving In!

Naro-Escape.com is the personal site of the Naro family located in the wilds of central Virginia. Location is everything, and the Escape provides equal opportunity to drive an hour in any direction to get somewhere! Having said that, we wouldn't have it any other way, and it is a lifestyle choice we hope to pass onto our children!

A Work in Progress

The Corn Crib

This site, like the Escape itself is a work in progress! We'll try to keep it up-to-date with plenty of pics and content as time goes on. Naro-Escape is comprised of 51 acres containing a very old farm house, an almost as old (1890's I think) corn crib which makes a great place to have a rustic picnic, a pond, two streams, an old family cemetery that probably predates the United States and much more. It currenlty doesn't have broadband internet (tech guy hangs his head in shame), but we are working on that!