About Us

The Naro's - The Beginning

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Where do we start? The Escape itself was a brilliant idea of my Uncle Carl, who purchased the property in the early 70's. It is comprised of 51 acres with very little in the way of neighbors (the ones we have are excellent), a pond, a very old family cemetery, an equally old house (now completely rebuilt), an old corn crib and more character than you'd believe possible.

As children, we always looked forward to coming to the Escape for a visit. There were always construction projects and many other things to do. As an adult, it was a place to relax, and since July 2007, my home.

It wasn't until I had moved there full-time until I realized the genius of my Uncle Carl and really appreciated how aptly named the Escape was. It had become, even with all the eccentricities, a place to get my act together and most importantly a place for healing, even if I did get to learn that dish detergent can indeed freeze and chimney fires are pretty impressive!

In any case, with Carl's passing, the opportunity to keep the property in the family and continue keeping it as a place to Escape for anyone (including animals) who felt the need arose. Marti and I decided that we needed to put our spin on what the Escape was meant to be and to continue Carl's dream ... our way ;-)

To that end, we are committed to a life-long journey of molding the Escape into a place for the family and friends to enjoy and build something we can pass onto the kids in the hopes that they will do the same.