Welcome to the 'Escape Albums!

These albums are provided as-is in more or less reverse chronological order (newest on top). Click on the associated title to enjoy!

We are archiving the rebuild photos here if you want to see older pics of the week-by-week rebuilding of the Escape.

2013 Projects

The Dog House!

These are pics of our 2013 projects around the Escape.

Escaping Forever!

We be moved!

July 22nd - We are completely moved in at this point and finishing up the finer details in order to get our final inspection done and signed off. This set of pictures will be the last for a while, so enjoy!

Moving In!

Moving In!

June 17th - With the drywall out of the way, paint and final electrical, HVAC, plmbing and a long list of other things have been happening. We are only a few days from moving in at this point.

Drywall going up!!


April 14th - Most of the drywall has been hung and the mudding and taping will be coming soon!

Insulation Complete ... Ready for drywall!

March 29th - Insulation is complete. The Icynene spray foam will make all the difference in the world! It was very interesting watching them fill every nook and cranny!

Ready for insulation

March 26th - All the rough-in is done and inspected!! Insulation is 2 days away! These are the final pics prior to insualtion and drywall.

Final Framing

January 15th - Framing is DONE!

For the most part, all the framing is complete, including STAIRS! This will be the last photo update for a while while we finish up the electrical and plumbing rough-ins. Enjoy!

Fixing the Upstairs

December 17th - Details!

Mechanical work and fixing the upstairs were thee order of the week and we are moving closer and closer to the end of the year. We are close to the point were I will be clearing everything out and prepping the floor for the concrete staining/sealing.


December 10th - Details!

The last window is in and we have power back in the house, but the phone line got broken while backfilling the power line trench. I needed something to do tomorrow, so that will be on the agenda.

Roofing is done and was well-tested. Work inside is continuing with framing details. I am about 1/3 the way done with the electric and we are working on the upstairs flooring in preparation for putting in the stairs. Things should be coming together by the end of next week. Stay tuned!

Roofing Almost Complete!

November 6th - Roofing Almost Complete!

Roofing continues and there is still about one day's work left on it before it is all done. It is looking great, and I am glad the chances of having to screw with it again in my lifetime are slim!

The meter base is hung as is the breaker box, although I need to run the conduit and cable. The phone is now back in the house and a punchdown block is installed with the office phone(s) hooked up and in service!

Roofing and Rain!

October 28th - Roofing!

Roofing continues despite all the rain and the South side of the house should be done tomorrow (the last of the skylights). Still more roofing to go and it should be done by mid-week next week.


October 23rd - Siding!

A long week, but a lot got done. Roofing is well underway and we have four of the eight skylights in. Just as important, the concrete got poured and eighteen cubic yards later our floor is in.


October 15th - Siding!

Great job by the guys of Lost Industries! Most of the siding is up and the roofers are coming next week to start the metal roof. Once the roofers are done, we'll get the siding and last window (special ordered) for the kitchen installed. This weekend is going to be spent installing skylights and moving some of the material to make way for the concrete trucks coming later next week.

Moving Forward!

October 8th - Continuing on!

We closed on the loan and things are continuing to progress as we get the radiant tubing installed and start the trim and siding process. Lots of things happening this month!

Closing things up!

September 17th - Closing things up!

Finiishing up the widows and some minor blocking this week. Funds are getting a little low as we await the refinancing to get the money to completely finish off the house.

For Posterity's Sake!

April 3rd, 2010 - We closed on the Escape the other day and took these pictures of how the Escape property looked at the time we closed. Somewhere down the line someone will want to compare.

Escape the Snow!

February 1st, 2010 - Marti and Max took these pics of the Escape after our last snow. Personally, I am done with the snow for winter as it really puts a damper in getting some of the outside work done, but it looks like there is more on the way.

Carl's Memorium

June 14th, 2009 - Yep, a day after the wedding the family and friends gathered at the Escape one more time to say goodbye to Uncle Carl by spreading his ashes, drinking the rest of his hidden scotch to him, and having a party. I know he would have appreciated it, and in true Escape fashion, the septic system went the way of a ghost too!

Wedding Pics

June 13th, 2009 - The family came together to see Marti and I married. The wedding was at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Lovingston, VA. The reception was held at my new mother-in-law's house and a good time was had by all. We hope to have some additional pics at some point, so check back!

Memorial Weekend 2009

Michael, David and Steve come out to Escape on their 2nd annual road trip!!

Road Trip 2008

Michael and Steve come out to Escape on their first cross-country road trip!!

Naro-Escape April 2008 Pics

The Escape in April is a beautiful place. I took these pics to show Uncle Carl. He loved viewing the Escape pics in different times of the year!

Naro-Escape November 2006 Pics

This was my first view of the Escape after many years of being away. It had sat empty (except for wildlife) for several years after Carl's accident forced him into a home. I did a road trip from Colorado after it had been eating at me for months. A visit to the Escape, my Uncle Carl and two of my brothers came down so I got a chance to see them too! Truly a life-altering trip!

Old Naro-Escape Pics

Some scans from some of Carl's original albums dating from the 70's on.