The Animals

All Dogs Welcome!

The Escape was made for animals, especially dogs! With a pond, acres and acres of freedom, all sorts of "Mountain Sushi" to run down and streams to navigate, it is the perfect place for our extended canine family.

We can't think of a better place than the Escape to have a game of "Kill the Colonel" or a furry friend in need to find friendship and help while they wait for a forever home. Since all of our animals are rescues themselves, providing a place for them where they can truly be at home is just what we try to do! Such is the nature of the Escape, and we wouldn't have it any other way. It gives us great joy to be honored with such a duty.

As of this writing we have 7 dogs, 2 birds and a cat. The dogs really love it here and the cat has taken over the corn crib, with lots of mouse munchies and places to hunt. One recent rescue is "Pearl", a roughly three year old beagle who has really been through the wringer. Her previous owner was definitely a hunter based on the way she acts when she hears them call. Unfortunuately, she has a number of issues including a a severe case of heartworm that we can only mildly treat, which also means she probalby won't last but another year or so. She also has some other issues including skin issues which require her being bathed every other day and periodic seizures. Pearl is definitely a "Daddy's Girl" and spends the majority of time indoors under my desk. Rest assured she'll be well taken care of as we provide her with as good a "Quality of life" experience as we can offer in the time she has left with us.

Our latest rescue is a German Shepherd named "Kaylee". Kaylee was 3 1/2 months old when we adopted her on January 24, 2013. There are a few pics of her in the images below. Kaylee is a high-drive Belgian Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) and a natural at frisbee and chasing balls, not to mention keeping all the other dogs on their toes with all her "puppy power!"

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