Season's Greetings! 2015 in Review

It has been a long year. We started out with a bit of snow and a new foster fail called "Ruger". Ruger quickly stole our hearts and turned out to be a GREAT pet for his last six months we were honored to care for him. While it is difficult to deal with the end-of-life dogs, it is also rewarding, and humanity can learn a lot from out four-legged friends. We also adopted, "Tiny Tim", a rat terrier mix, and two elderly dachshund females which brings our total dog count to eight at the time of this writing.

Out to California for an industry expo where we get to show off PetExec in May and shortly after that, Michael came out for a visit. We even turned him onto a little cheese making himself! After an extended illness, Marti's mother passed away shortly after Michael left. After the whirlwind of that, we managed a trip back up to New York to spend a little time with family, but the bulk of the year has been relegated to massive amounts of hours rewriting PetExec, showing it off at another expo in November and hopefully entering a full beta in a couple weeks.

In other news, Max got some tractor time and learned how to drive the Kubota (along with using the PTO and loader) along with the older cub. We put some of those skills to work putting up a large garden area and fencing it off, then started replacing the fencing along the drive. This job will take a couple years, as it is a JOB! I also added an extension to the back of the doghouse so we could have a place to keep the tractor out of the weather.

Speaking of Max, he is here growing like a weed and always staying busy with something. Between soccer, track, piano, trombone and other activities, he stays pretty busy. Max is in 6th grade this year but taking an accelerated 8th grade math. Geometry this year since he took Algebra last year. If he keeps going this way, he could have his AA degree done by the time he graduates High School!

The cheese making I've been doing throughout the year is finally paying off and the cheeses we've tried have really been good for the most part. I'll continue down that path as time permits. The best cheese so far was suppose to be a swiss type, but doesn't taste anything like it. I'll probably never be able to reproduce it, but it is an AWESOME cheese.

The cheddars and other types of hard cheeses I've done have come out well too. We are finally getting to the point where we have some kind available any time we want. Still need to get the hang of provolone though.

Rick gave me an old cider press which we were able to put to use this year. The fresh cider was excellent, although the jury is still out on how the four gallons of hard cider are going to come out. Time will tell, but there is nothing like fresh-pressed cider!

All-in-all a good year for the Escape and Naro-Escape clan. Everyone is moderately healthy and looking forward to what the future holds. 2016 is already shaping up to be a banner year for "escapees" like us!

While we have been busy with all the projects and life in general, we haven't been too busy to keep all of you in our hearts and prayers, especially as we approach this Christmas season.  We have been truly blessed with so many wonderful family, friends and pets.  Without such awesome people in our lives, life would be pretty dull!

In closing, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and pray this finds you all in good health!

All our Love,

Paul, Marti, David & Max ...
and the current round of pets:
Colonel, Sasha, Lilly, Bob, Kaylee, Tiny Tim, Kessels "Kessy" and Truffles "Truffy" (the dogs) and Boots (the cat), Yoda (the bird)