The Plan - 2016

While there is still no lack of things to do, we just need to find the time to get it all done! All the compromises and decisions we made have added tons of "character" to the place, creating opportunities to put more of our hearts and souls into the Escape. The "charm" of the Escape is never running out of things to do, especially if they don't involve a computer!

Work around the Escape will be concentrated on some of the labor-intensive projects involving a lot of hard work and sweat! We still need to put in a ton of fencing and we will be tearing up and clearing around the pond quite a bit and working on enlarging the gardens even more. We have plans on planting apples, asian pears and peaches soon, so lots of prep work to be done on that end too.

Speaking of the pond, we will be doing some bridge work across the inlet and some major clearing both in and around the pond perimeter, beating back the scrapple and junk weeds and planting some hardy grasses to choke off the bad stuff we don't want growing. There is no shortage of work down there, but it is also one of best potential areas we want to develop and work on as we slowly reclaim the pond and get it back into working order.

All of these are "therapy" projects that require a lot of outdoors work on the tractor, and best of all, nothing involving a computer! With PetExec coming out of a complete rewrite, the hours will get back to a sane level and let me regain some sanity through hard work and sweat! If anyone want to come on by, please do! We might even be able to shame you into some work the way Uncle Carl used to ;-)